hp officejet 6956 wireless setup

123 HP Officejet 6956 Wireless Setup

  • 123 HP Officejet 6956 Wireless Printer helps to Connect, Setup and Print right from your Smartphone and produce top-quality photos.
  • You can get simple Wi-Fi Setup within a minute. The main attractive feature of using this 6956 Officejet Printer is to Print from Tablets & Smartphone.
  • With the help of 123.hp.com/setup Officejet 6956 Printer, you can make time saving shortcuts and Copy directly.
  • There are tons of the reasons available to use Officejet 6956 Printer like Lower Cost, Easy Mobile Printing and two-sided Printing.

123 hp officejet 6956 wireless setup

123 HP Officejet 6956 WPS Setup

  • If you look to 123 HP Officejet 6956 Wireless Setup Printer then you must concern about certain things like whether Wireless Network is working properly or not. On the other hand, Computer and Printers are on Identical Network.
  • When you Connect the 123 hp officejet 6956 Wireless Setup, you could be prompted to enter Wireless Password and Wireless Network Name.
  • Suppose you have not changed the Security Passkey or Network Name while Setting up your Wireless Network then you may find it on side or back of Wireless Router.
  • If you can’t able to figure out Network Name then try to visit 123.hp.com/setup Officejet 6956 Printer or else you can Contact your Network Administrator.

123 HP Officejet 6956 Wireless Network

Utilize the Wireless Setup Wizard from Officejet Printer 6956 Control Panel Display to Wireless Communication Set-up. After that, follow below steps like:

  • Press Wireless Icon from the Officejet 6956 Printer Control Panel Display.
  • Go to Settings -> Wireless Settings
  • Likewise, Click Wi-Fi Protected Setup or Wireless Set up Wizard
  • To Complete the WPS Setup, follow the Display steps.

Suppose you are already using a printer with the different kind of connection like USB Connection then you can visit 123.hp.com/setup to follow instructions in change Connection type.

Remember One Thing: Wireless Network Name is name of your Wireless Network. Wireless Password prevents others from Connecting to your Wireless Network without your permission. Based on level of Security required, Wireless Network may use either WEP key or WPA passphrase.

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Techniques to Change the Connection Type

After the process of HP Officejet 6956 Printer Software Install, then Connect 6956 Printer to a Network or
Computer. You may use the Software for changing Connection type. To change from USB
Connection to the Wireless Network for Windows, follow below steps like

123 hp officejet 6956 usb connect setup

To Change USB Connection to the Wireless Connection for OS X then you are recommended to follow below instructions like

  • Discard the USB Cable from 123.hp.com Officejet 6956 Printer.
  • Restore the OJ-6956 Printer for its Network Defaults.
  • After that, Download Recent Version of the 123 HP Easy Start from 123hp.com/setup Officejet 6956 Printer.
  • Likewise, Open 123 HP Easy Start and follow instructions to Connect Officejet 6956 Printer.

Wireless Connection Test On HP Officejet 6956

The Wireless test report may offer information about the hardware address, printer status and IP address.

If there is a problem with a Wireless Connection or Wireless Connection attempt failed then Wireless test report may offer diagnostic information.

If Officejet 6956 Printer is Connected to the Network then test report display complete details about Network Settings.

To Print the Wireless test report, you should follow below procedures like

  • Touch Wireless icon from Officejet 6956 Printer Control Panel Display and Go to Settings.
  • Afterwards, Go to Print Reports.
  • Finally, Press Wireless test report.

Officejet 6956 Wireless Setup Using Control Panel

When the Wireless Capability of Officejet 6956 Printer is on, then blue wireless light on Officejet 6956 Control Panel is shining.

Go to Wireless Settings from Control Panel Display and Press toggle button next to Wireless to Switch On Wireless Capability.

From the 123.hp.com Officejet 6956 Printer Control Panel, you can manage and Setup 6956 Officejet Printer Wireless Connection to perform different kinds of Network Management tasks.

This includes changing and viewing Network Settings, Turning Wireless function On or Off and restoring Network Defaults.

  • From the 123 HP Officejet 6956 Printer Setup Control Panel Display, Press Wireless icon for displaying Network status screen. Press Print Info for Printing Network Configuration page.
  • On Printer Control Panel Display, Choose Tools from home screen and Press Network Configuration Report.

Remember One Thing: Network Setting is provided to your convenience. You must not change certain Settings like IP Settings, Link Speed, Firewall Settings and Default Gateway.

Helpful Guidance to Use Wireless Direct

To use Wi-Fi Direct Connection from your Smartphone, Computer, or Other Wireless-capable Device without Connecting to existing Wireless Network. Verify, that Smartphone or Computer has required Driver like:

  • If you use a Computer, then make sure that you have Installed 123 HP Officejet 6956 Printer Software offered with Printer.
  • Suppose you have not Installed 123 HP Officejet 6956 Driver on Computer, Connect it to Wi-Fi Direct & Install Printer Software. Choose Wireless, if promoted by Printer Software to the Connection type.
  • In case, you are using a Smartphone then be sure that you have Installed compatible Printing App. To get information about Mobile Printing, Just visit 123.hp.com/Setup Officejet Printer 6956.
  • Be Sure, that your Wi-Fi Direct to Officejet-6956 Printer is Switched On.
  • Up to five Mobile Devices or Computer Devices can use same Wi-Fi Direct Connection.
  • It could be used when Printer is Connect to Computer using USB Cable or Network using a Wireless Connection.
  • Click Wi-Fi Direct from the Printer Control Panel.
  • Go to Control Panel Settings.
  • Suppose Display shows that Wi-Fi Direct is Off then Press Toggle Button to Turn on Wi-Fi Direct.
  • You might also Switch On Wi-Fi Direct from the EWS. To get more information about EWS, Visit 123.hp.com/setup officejet 6956 printer.

123 hp officejet 6956 wifi direct

Note: Wi-Fi Direct might not be used to Connect Mobile Device, Computer or Printer to Internet. Techniques to Turn On Wi-Fi Direct


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