hp officejet pro 276dw wireless setup

123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Wireless Setup

123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Wireless Printer Setup can perform unlimited Support to Office or Home and it has awesome features like Print, Scan and Copy. Try to Go To 123.hp.com to get Information about Officejet Pro 276DW Printer Setup, Driver Install, Download Support and Troubleshooting support.

If you visit 123.hp.com, then you can get awesome Information about secure WPS Setup, Effective AirPrint Setup and ePrint Setup.Setting up Wireless Network is necessary part of the 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Wireless Setup and you must follow some tips when you plan for WPS Setup.

If you are looking to Setup 123.hp.com/setup Officejet Pro 276DW on the Wireless Network, then Connect it to Network. After that Install Printer Software and Driver from 123.hp.com and Choose Wireless as Connection Type.

123 hp officejet pro 276DW

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Step 1: Prepare Installation for OJ Pro 276DW

Before you Set Up Officejet Pro-276DW Printer on Wireless Network, Collect your Network Password and Name. Likewise, Switch On 276DW Printer, Router and Computer. To figure out your Network Password; Visit WPA or WEP to your Wireless Network.

  • Network Name- is the Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  • Network Password- It is also known as WPS Security Passphrase or WEP Key. Computer must Connect for your Wireless Network.
  • Internet Access- 123.hp.com might recommend Broadband Internet access like DSL or Cable to Software Downloads.
  • Be Sure, that Computer and Router are Switched On. Likewise, Computer is Connected to the Same Wireless Network which you want Connect the Printer.

Step 3: Download & Install Driver for OJ Pro 276DW

Go to 123.hp.com to Download and Install Current Version of Officejet Pro-276DW Printer full feature Software. You can use Auto Wireless Connect Screen Display to complete the Officejet Pro 276DW WPS Setup. Otherwise, you are advised to follow below steps in Installation Software to finish the Setup. The Best alternative method to Download the Software is to use Installation CD. Try to follow below steps like

  • Choose 276DW Officejet Pro Printer from the following list.
  • Enter Officejet Pro 276DW Printer and Click Begin
  • Press Download and Click Open, run or save in any Windows 10 which display for Downloading Driver to your Computer.
  • Likewise, Double-Click Driver For 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW file in the Download Folder or Downloads Bar on Computer to Launch the Driver Installation.

Step 2: Connect to a Wireless Network

In this Step, you must Connect 123.hp.com/setup 276DW printer for your Network with Wireless Setup Wizard.

You are advisable to follow some instructions to WPS Setup like

  • Press the Setup Icon.
  • Go to Wireless Settings and Click Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Enter Name of your Network in list of the available Networks and Press OK.
  • If list might not contain your Network Name then Press Enter New Network Name.
  • If Prompted, try to type WPS or WEP Key and Press Done.

123 hp officejet pro 276DW software driver setup

  • Follow Instructions which avail on 123 HP 276DW Officejet Pro Printer to finish Driver Installation and Connection Setup.
  • After that, Return to 123.hp.com/setup in Browser to finish the Printer Activation and Registration.

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Change Connection Type after Driver Install

If you are looking to Change from the Wireless Connection to the Wired or USB Network Connection, utilize the Printer Setup and software utility which Installed with 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Printer Software.

  • Search for 276DW Officejet Pro Printer.
  • Press Tools and Click Device Setup and Software.
  • Click On the “Connect a New Device” and follow On-Screen tips to Set-Up the 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Wireless Setup.

Once Officejet Pro 276DW Printer is Connected to Network Wirelessly and then you must Install Printer Driver in your Computer. For this step, Make Sure that officejet pro 276DW Printer and Computer are connected to Identical Network. You can go to the 123.hp.com to Download Printer Driver.

There are Awesome Number of the reasons available to use Officejet Pro Printer 276DW like sharp printing, low running cost, Wireless Direct and Wi-Fi. 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Wireless Setup Printer is an effective source for users to achieve the High- Quality Printing via simple node of access.

Network Password Changes of Officejet Pro 276DW

If 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Printer Disconnects from Wireless Network, purchased a New Router or your changed internet service provider, utilize Wireless Setup Wizard on Printer to Reconnect it. Remember one thing; you no need to Reinstall Driver to finish the Wireless Set Up.

  • Go to, Officejet Pro 276DW Printer Control Panel and Swipe Down to Open Dashboard and Press the Wireless Icon.
  • Press Setup Icon.
  • Click Wireless Settings and Press Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Choose Name of your Network in list of the Available Networks and Click OK.
  • If list might not contain your Network Name then, try to Visit 123.hp.com to Follow Instructions and Enter your Network Name.
  • If Promoted, type WPA or WEP key and Press “Done”

During this Step, if Connection Error message Display, Be sure that you typed the Lowercase and Uppercase Letters to Password and Network Name exactly. In fact, 123hp.com Officejet Pro 276DW Printer helps to reduce complexity of Printing works via Complete Wireless Setup.

123 HP OfficeJet Pro 276DW Setup For Wireless & Wi-Fi Direct

  • First of all, try to obtain the well Organized Set of the 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Printer Setup for Network Connections which might focus on getting the Trouble-Free access.
  • After that, check status of the 123.hp.com/setup officejet pro 276DW printer and switch it active and attempt to Load Enough Paper into the Offered Tray.
  • Go to Start Menu and Choose Settings. Likewise, move on with the Printers and Scanners Option to get the Best Implementation on Printing.
  • Now, you can Tap to Add a Printer or Scanner Option. After that, move it with the Wi-Fi Direct Option on further Settings.
  • Use Control Panel to Connect 123 HP Officejet Pro 276DW Wireless Setup and scroll with the Wireless Option on it.


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