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Our company and website services are designed for customer convenience and there software troubleshooting. We work to make your operating and functioning experience simple, easy and secure.

We have a Cooperative team to work with client support and satisfaction regarding our policy and services. If the client face problem regarding any service or information, Please reach out to us Phone number: 1819-716-0730; Email us at

We will look forward to your problem and guarantee you on the replacement services, within 24 hours of the complaint time.

Know your One-Time Fix

As per our company refund policy, customer’s one-time fix is only valid for 48 hours. 48 hours from the time customer issue was fixed. The customer can also report the issue again, but only within the given time limit.

You are an eligible customer for a one-time fix, only when your reported issue is not fixed. We are here to help you with our services and guide you to the listed information. The refund will take place only if finds that the issue can’t be resolved. The customer will get the full refund. The amount will be credited to the customers account within 7-10 business days (From the time of your refund request)

Subscription services

All the customers who have taken the subscription services and want it to get terminated (within the time period of 30 DAYS) are eligible for a refund. will take post-termination of subscription and refunds under Pro-rata basis.

Customers are advised to go through and review the terms and policies before the purchase of any Service and Product. Our website provides visitors/customers with details, description and listed information. Therefore, your purchase of any of our service and products will be assumed that the visitors/customers read the Terms, services, and description. And the customer is satisfied with the quality and functions of the product and services before actual purchase.

No customer/buyer/user refund or return request will be accepted after the time span of 30 days from the purchase/buy.

If you want to claim the refund or return, make sure that you are giving a valid reason for a refund beyond no resolutions. The company will look at your concern and will determine whether a Service and products refund or return is necessary or not. If the customer is not satisfied with the companies’ assurance and request an immediate return, then this case will be taken as; your service or product offered is defective. The company will accept the refund request and customer money will be credited to a bank account or credit card or pay by pal the one customer used at the time of purchase. Only under some special conditions refund will be processed by other means. (If I will only be done in 7 to 10 business days after the company accepts your refund request)

Refund beyond 30 Days

The customers are expected and advised to return the product in its original packing and with the documentation to qualify the refund. Refund the catalogs, emails and license to the company without any modification or sabotage. All the products which are being returned should be undamaged. The damage to the product during the time of return handling will come under the customers’ responsibility.

Send your return and refund request to

Disclaimer: has the right to consider the arbitration with the customer for the refund under the motion provided, the software delivered by the company, all those services which are realized and used by the customers. Under the contract of the company, the customer shall be paid fully for all the services utilized. If the customer tries to charge back by approaching any third party (bank or any other third party) for refunds or any other means, then, has the right of arbitration and holds the right to approach the customer or the authorized third party. Under no conditions, the settlement would not be more than the implicated contract service charges.

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